Lucka Roubíčková - lead vocals

Lucie has previously worked with several domestic and foreign rock/metal bands. The most recently she was the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Krleš, she co-operated with the Czech legendary band Citron as a background singer and a keyboard player on their "Sila Navratu" tour, and before that her beginnings are connected with the regional rock band Grog. Lucie writes lyrics in Czech and in English for such bands as Citron, Seven and for foreign bands as well.
She is the face and the voice of Black Bull, she composes music, writes lyrics in Czech and in English as well.


Filip Šimbera - Guitar

Previously connected with the heavy metal band Mastix as the frontman, then he becomes an integral member of the thrash mashine Glock22. He co-operated on many projects such as P.K.O., Velryba and more.
In Black Bull he composes and arranges music.


Otto Kokštein - Bass Guitar

A founder member of a regional rock bunch Madness. In 2009, together with Ted Korn, he brought to life the band Aposiopesis, which he leaves shortly after it's foundation and takes the part of a bass guitar player in Black Bull.


Svata Sutera - Drums

Originally from Hustopece nad Becvou (Moravia), nowadays living in Prague. As a drummer, he's been cruising the Czech rock scene since 1994. He has worked with such names as Empire, Teta & Helena Kubelková, …a vůbec!, Glanc and many others. His heavy beat and great rhytmics give Bull the right booming sound.

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